Most of these links are related to me and my work in some way, and you'll just have to forgive me for that. I do hope to include some more general links in here now and then though.

Aiee! Run From Kelvin's Brainsplurge!
My blog, which is usually updated with some sort of "wisdom" at least once a week. Updates to this site will probably be announced there, mainly so that I don't have to code a "Recent Updates" page..

Brad the Vampire
Richard Bellingham's ongoing comedy/horror/soap opera, to which I've contibuted on occasion.

Comics Bulletin
A great comics news and discussion site, Comics Bulletin (formerly Silver Bullet Comic Books) was the place I went to check out reviews of all the latest releases, until one day the editor asked if I wanted to contribute. Now I write weekly comics reviews and occasionally knock out the odd feature article here and there. I appear to have settled into the role of the overly harsh reviewer with impossibly high standards, and I have the hate mail to prove it.

The Girly Comic
The popular award-winning anthology comic that featured my first published comics work.

The O Men
Martin Eden's staggeringly good self-published superhero comic. To put out such a lengthy work of such quality completely on his own is an awesome and inspirational effort. One day I hope I can do something similar.

The Rainbow Orchid
Garen Ewing's absolutely wonderful Bande Dessinée style adventure comic. Garen's a lovely bloke and a very talented writer and artist, and his site goes well beyond the call of duty by providing a fascinating in-depth look at the production of the comic. Another inspiration.

Rol Hirst
One of my favourite comics writers, and a professional Northern misanthrope. Rol wrote a script for me after years of badgering. Thanks Rol!

Solar Wind
This family of comics takes a nostalgic and at the same time irreverent look back at the old British weekly comics of the 70's and 80's. I've contributed to two issues so far; a three page strip for the girls' "weekly" Sunny For Girls #2, and a one-pager for the sixth issue of the main title, Solar Wind.

Superheroines!!! And Heroes Dot Com
The gallery of Nige Lowrey, who's a jolly nice bloke and a great artist too. His site hasn't been updated for a while, but I know for a fact that he's working on some exciting projects.

Tony McGee's True Stories
Tony is Nige's webmaster, and a nifty artist in his own right. A lovely friendly and helpful chap, he's also produced some wonderful comics. I particularly recommend Angel Nebula and Frontiers, his two sort-of-connected scifi tales.

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