This page is for random stuff that doesn't fit in elsewhere on the site, or that would get a page of its own if there was more of it. It's mostly a bunch of written pieces based around a variety of terribly geeky subjects like comics and role-playing games, but there might be one or two pleasant suprises in here too. What you'll find here is finished pieces; for more in the way of ill-considered ranting, head to my blog.

Comics Articles
The vast majority of my comics-related writing has been for Comics Bulletin (formerly known as Silver Bullet Comic Books); I've done probably hundreds of reviews for them, as well as a number of features:

Avengers - Operation: Galactic Storm is a straightforward review of one of those rarest of things: a 90's comics crossover story that's actually halfway decent.

Where's the Love? (Spotlight on: New Warriors) is a shorter piece that aims to bring some much-needed attention to a good but largely ignored comics title, the 2005 version of Marvel's sort-of-junior-but-they've-since-grown-up team the New Warriors.

One day in 2005, I could hold the bile and hatred back no longer, and finally told the world what I really thought of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. This turned out to be fairly popular, and in 2008, I started writing a semi-regular column along similar lines, called "Green Day":

We kicked off with an examination of Henry Pym, superhero and notorious wife-beater.

Next up was a revised version of the Reed Richards piece, to "celebrate" Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch taking over the Fantastic Four comic.

Then I took a look at the wimpiest and most useless X-Man of all: Cyclops.

Our first female target subject was one-time Spider-Man love interest and perennial victim of misogyny, the Black Cat.

My next subject was a group; the Young Avengers, who started well but have been neglected since their debut.

As a bit of a change, I decided to write about a character I actually liked, and so the first positive "Green Day" explained why Rocket Raccoon was so, as the kids say, awesome.

It didn't take me long to revert to form, however, and my next piece was an attack on that most useless of unnecessary Superman clones, The Sentry.

Tabletop Games
It should come as no surprise, given my interest in comics, cartoons and video games, that I've also dabbled in the murky and misunderstood world of the roleplaying game. I don't play nearly as much as I did back when I was a teen, but I'd contend that the stuff I'm writing now is better than the hastily cobbled adventures and resources of the past. Good enough to share, anyway. You can find some of these resources here.

Video Games
I have written a number of reviews for Nintendo Wii gaming site NintendoLife (formerly The Virtual Console Archive), mostly for the Commodore 64. I've also written a handful of articles for the same site.
In 2007, I wrote a typically negative piece on some truly horrible video games potentially available in the future for the Wii's Virtual Console service.
About a month later, I put together a far more optimistic article on console role-playing games.
And in 2008, I wrote about the sheer gaming brilliance of the humble Commodore 64, then newly supported by Virtual Console emulation.

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